Cottesloe Surf Club Christmas Day Swimmers


I arrived on a crisp Christmas morning around 5.30am bleary eyed and excited to watch the Cottesloe Surf Club members annual swim out to the beach's main pylon and back.  

Just a few days before the beach was closed for swimming due to a 10ft great white shark circling the pylon 50 meters from shore. 

'We're not going to let a shark stop us from swimming. It's our way of life here, its what we do'. Said a swimmer fresh from the surf.

I'd met the members of the 100 year old Surf Club by accident a few days before when I stumbled across the surf club after watching the sunset and in search of a good glass of wine. The club consists of all ages and abilities and the sense of community is abundant. We were immediately welcomed by all of the members and introduced to everyone like we were family.


After the swim we were welcomed back to the club house, drank Moet and talked about our plans for the rest of Christmas day.

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